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We live in a digital age where everyone is obsessed with efficiency. We are used to automation and technology making everything easier, faster and more efficient. However this can often make things feel less personal and rushed. The marketing industry is a great example of this. We are bombarded by mass marketing everywhere we look, adverts literally surround us. Whether that’s the subtile poster on a train or a paid ad on insta. And although that gives incredible exposure for products and services, customers are often left feeling unsatisfied, under valued and unimportant with many unanswered questions.

We believe the best service is always the thoughtful, unique and tailored experience. The one where each customer receives a slightly different experience aimed directly at them as an individual.

The best way to achieve this is to do a complete 180 from the media based mass marketing. Go back to dealing with people one on one. Listening to what the client and customer wants, and tailoring what we do to them. Dealing with customers directly means we can do exactly that. 

We are an Events based marketing company. Dealing with real customers always on a face to face basis never over the phone or an email. Working in every area you would find people. That could be your local shopping centre, Supermarket, Gym or even big sporting events or festivals. Our professional, upbeat and well informed Brand Ambassadors will always greet people with a smile., ready to have real conversations on behalf of our clients and find their incredibly valued customers. We deal with every type of person from the average to the exceptional. Our discussion are tailored, free flowing and centred around the needs or clients and their customers. We expect the highest level of service to be given to all.

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